Support Our Community


Hillcrest Care Center needs your help.

We are a nonprofit, city-owned, long-term care facility. As we care for our area’s elders, we find that our needs are greater than our budget. Because of this, we have been forced to put off several critical projects due to of lack of funds.

Have you been looking for a worthy charitable organization to donate to? Nothing is more deserving than our local area’s founding sons and daughters. Our residents have gone before us and sacrificed a great deal to give us a beautiful town to grow up in, a place to call home, and a culture of family that cares for its own. Won’t you join us in preserving the legacy of our community?

At Hillcrest, we extend our care, respect, and gratitude to our residents for all they have given us. They have blessed our community with their lives, and now they can and should enjoy what our community gives back.

At Hillcrest, we strive to be good stewards of our blessings. but we are currently unable to fund many important projects, including:

-Repairs to sidewalks and parking
-Purchasing a Handicapped accessible van
-Replacing windows
-Updating our call light system
-Purchasing new lifts for resident care
-Obtaining a whirlpool tub for resident use
-Replacing medication carts
-Updating computers and printers
-Purchasing an Entertainment Center
-Replacing carpet
-Replacing and repairing air conditioners
-Purchasing a new lawn mower
-Replacing outdoor furniture
-Continued landscaping
-Updating baseboard heaters
-Replacing security cameras
-Updating cabinets for storage 

Please follow this link below to give a donation to Hillcrest Care Center. We thank you for your generosity.

Donate to the Hillcrest Care Center GoFundMe Account (opens a new window)